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Memorable Magazines & Photos

Memorable Magazines & Photos

Special Effect Ads

every magazine has ads

We all have our favorite things like, food, sports, hobbies, clothes, and places.  Maybe you own a business. Special Effect Ads are Mock advertisements that look like an ad for things like Oreos, Milk, Nike, Applebee, Gatorade etc. It gives your magazine a realistic look. What magazine doesn’t have advertisements? So we take a picture you submit and turn it into an advertisement for your favorite product.  Perfect for the person who doesn’t leave out the house without their I-Phone, or the little one who eats nothing but goldfish, or even the teen who wear nothing but Hollister.  Whatever your favorite food, drink, place, clothing line, TV show, or even your favorite activity is we can create an ad that looks authentic and will completely bring out your personality. 

Now you can have a realistic Mock Ad made to represent your favorite things or to advertise a service.  Fool your family and friends!  Our Mock Ads look so real they will swear you are a real model or spokesperson.

*NEW Now we also offer Special Effect Ads sold separately.  So if you are not ready to purchase a full magazine but you want just an Ad you can now just purchase a single Ad. SEE PRICE LIST

Two-Page Spreads

Sometimes it takes Two Pages


Add a Two-Page Spread to your book and watch your magazine come to life,

Extra Articles, Features, or Pages

Remember your magazine is custom made for you


We refuse to do cookie cutter magazines.  We design each book with your needs and wants,  So if you need extra anything just ask!




Our Movie Posters They look and feel authentic.  Become a REAL movie star.  Our designer will create a poster that is a real reflection of your personality.  Add it to your magazine or just purchase the poster.  They make great gifts and add flair to any custom magazine.

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