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Memorable Magazines & Photos

Portrait Parties

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What is a Portrait Party?
Portrait parties are a fun opportunity to have beautiful portraits of your children, other family members, friends or coworkers! The event takes place at your home, or another location of your choice where everyone is comfortable and natural. (Parks, Playgrounds, Parties ect.) It is just like those jewelry, Tupperware, or make-up parties except instead of us talking you into buying the latest moisturizer we are taking pictures!  It’s fun and affordable for all.    ​What do I need to do?Just invite a minimum of five friends, family, or neighbors over and have a clear space to set up the portable studio. Add some snacks and drinks, and then get ready for some fun! Portrait parties are the perfect addition to any party, meeting, or family function.

Follow these 5 easy steps
1.     Invite Guest
Invitation and Email Templates will be provided 2.     Party
Have fun while we take beautiful pictures 3.     Show and Tell
The photos will be edited and put online for customer viewing and purchasing 4.     Order
Guest place their order and I process them and send out your credit voucher which you may use toward purchasing your own pictures 5.     Deliver
Pictures and Thank You cards will be delivered to you to distribute to your guest
What is in it for me? As host, your session is free!  All your pictures will be provided to you on one CD.  You also earned credits from every package sold toward prints. Every dollar made is two credits for you that can be redeemable for all types of products and discounts. Book 10 or more guest and receive a Free 12x12 Collage and Facebook Cover,    What’s the catch? No catch!  This is a great way to get everyone together to get quality photos. We offer many assorted packages for you and your guests and all session fees are waived for the host.  Only pay for the package ordered, which is cheaper than most studio prices! 

Tips for a successful party

1.     Make Your Party FUN! 

Invite lots of Friends….Think of people outside of your immediate circle. Invite more people than you think will come. The minimum number of guests is five, so invite extra!

2.     Talk it Up….
Excited Hostesses build more anticipation for their guests. Everyone can’t wait to have a good time!

3.     Give out lots of Oohhs and Aahhs….
Call your guests as soon as you know the proofs are online. Tell them how great the portraits are and which numbers are your favorites.

4.     Reminders….
Remind your guests of upcoming holidays or events that they may want to purchase gifts for, such as Mother’s/Father’s Day, Grandparents’ birthdays, etc.Remind them of the various products available to them, such as collages, books, slideshows, custom birth announcements, and greeting cards.

5.     Create a Buzz…
Share the online images with those
who weren’t able to make it to the Party and anyone else you choose. Tell guests to show their images to people they work with, post a few on Facebook, or email the link to friends and relatives out of town. The more people are talking about the beautiful images, the better the sales and Hostess credits will be.

6.     Call Guests the Night Before Orders are Due
Keep the excitement high by asking which images are their favorites, what their friends and family thought of the images, what they are planning on can help them in making their decisions if they are having difficulty making their purchases. And remind them the photographer accepts credit cards.


Theme or Not?

While I encourage a theme it is not an absolute requirement. Here are some suggestions to help you decide:


  • Holidays: Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc. 

  • Father’s Day – “Daddy & Me”       

  • Mother’s Day – “Mommy & Me”     

  • Grandparent’s Day      

  • Valentine’s Day      

  • Girls Night Out (Glamour or Boudior type shots)    

  • My First Birthday     

  • Pets Only    

  • “Me and my Pet”    

  • Tweens Only   

  • Family Night
  • Best Friends 

  • Date Night (Couples) 

  • High School Seniors Only    

  • Newborns/Babies only   

  • Cheerleaders/Song leaders/Dance Teams  

  • Sports Day     

  • Fairy Princesses   

  • Storybook characters 

  • My favorite movie character

  • Dancers: Ballet/Tap/Hip-hop/etc.   

  • Hawaiian Dress up  

  • Tea Parties    

  • Summer/Beach

  • Western or Antique

  • Skateboarders

  • Snowboarders

  • Party Theme

  • Preschools

  • Playgroups

  • Dress Up

  • Bring a Prop